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Gemmove Fiber Gold - 6g, 30 packets

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Stool Trouble? Empty the Bowel! Feel Lighter!

Try Gemmove Saeng Saeng Fiber Gold!

If you don't go often to the toilet, feel bloated, uncomfortable bowel movement, having lack of fiber in your diet, and/or worried about gut health, you need Fiber GOLD!

Main ingredient: Psyllium Husk Dietary Fiber. Psyllium Husks are the seeds of the plantain family grown under intense sunlight. It contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. After absorbing 40 times more water than its own weight, it expands with water and promotes intestinal peristalsis. It helps facilitate bowel movements.

Intake: 1 packet in the morning and 1 packet in the evening.

Directions: Open a packet and pour it into mouth. Drink plenty of water to help swallow the dietary fiber. If the packet content is too much to swallow at one time, divide it into several portion and consume with plenty of water.

Gemmove Fiber Gold is not a cure or medicine. It's a health functional food containing natural dietary fiber, enzyme, probiotic, prebiotic, aloe, and fermented rice bran.