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GemMove Healing Pack

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Health care program (3-day miracle)

GemMove 3-Day Miracle is not a diet or artificial product for specific organs, but consists of carefully selected recipes to cleanse, detox and improve overall health.

What is the "Three Day Miracle"?

Step 1: Cleanse the colon 2 days before starting the Three Day Miracle. On the first day, take 1 bag after lunch and 1 bag after dinner with a warm full glass of water.

Gemmove "3-Day Miracle" is definitely one of the amazing products of Gemma Korea. Based on many years of research and analysis, the amazing results are confirmed by tests. It is a program that creates conditions for natural health, supports and restores immunity. It is advisable to drink Gemmove Protein Meal or protein once in the morning and once in the evening during the week of breaking the fast. As you begin the Three Day Miracle, do the following: 

Things to note • Before starting
 1. Get enough advice before starting to be most effective 1. Go to the nearest hospital for primary examination/obesity and obesity use it. Participate in size demonstration, body balance demonstration, and muscle function demonstration.
 2. Drink as little water as possible for 3 days. Take one pill with a sip of water. 2. Get an anti-worm medication from the pharmacy. It is recommended to drink "Three Day Miracle" the day before starting.
 3. Depending on the characteristics of the individual's body, some things may be added. After the completion of the "Three Day Miracle". 2 days before starting the "Three Day Miracle" cleanse the colon. 

1. Products that are consumed in the morning for a week after completion recommended to use. Or it is recommended to consume more fruits and vegetables. 
2. Choose dry food for your first lunch after finishing. 2 days before the start of the "Three Day Miracle", take 2 pieces of Jemmuv Sensen Huaibo z/ per evening with plenty of water. Mandatory rules 1. Avoid excessive movement during the 3-day program. Just walk for about 30 minutes. 2. How does the family clinic change your body after completing the 3-day program "Three Day Miracle" undergo an initial examination. 3. After completing the 3-day program, rest for 7 days and start again. 4. It's okay if you don't drink alcohol after the 3-day program. Drink only the products included in the program in the morning, afternoon and evening without eating. © Jemmuv Sensen Zero Tea // Ish-3 sh do not consume carbonated drinks, do not eat spicy food, salty food, and do not eat fast food. 2. Sensen Hyusu/8 30 84 35/1-3 sh 3 CPE prime/CPE 22/3 capsules 5. Adequate sleep during the 3-day program Sensen DI EN AL/19/1 6. Tell us about any symptoms you have in your body for 3 days and get advice. 5 Sensen Live bacteria menu / 1 piece Jammu Huk Protein or protein / 8 / 1 piece 7. It's okay to soak your feet in hot water for 40 minutes for 3 days. Ugtasabal/A/2 capsules 8 Mineral mango coffee/04817/ 1 piece