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Beauty Controller - Gua Sha Tool

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Gua Sha Facial and Body Tool– 100% Natural, Sensorial Beauty

We believe our Beauty Controller for facial and body tool have the power to firm your skin through gentle massage. Firm and detoxify your skin with the added fabulous power of Gemma Black Jade Stone.

Many cosmetologists did rank our Beauty Controller to be far more effective than any other Gua sha tools they've used before.


  • It won't bruise your face - thanks to the Serpentine Jade Stone Power.
  • it doesn't need refrigerating like the other gua sha tools - the Jade Stone is naturally energetic and magnetic stone, so it stays cool at all times.
  • It will help you achieve the Ultimate "V" shape for your face quickly.
  • Instruction book is included to easily follow and achieve great results.

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