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Bio Vital Green Panties

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Keep it a healthy 92o under there.

Keep it in your pants – at 92 degrees, that is... The world's first Body Temperature Balance Panties. Patented in US and in over 100 countries worldwide, Gemmove BioVital Health Underwear is designed to maintain the temperature in the pelvis at 92°F, the optimal temperature for pelvic health in men and women. Enhances fertility, removal of cysts, prevention of eczema, and provides gene reinforcement by maintenance of body temperature. Relieves stress, improve athletic performance.

Suitable for both Man and Women.

People who need GEMMOVE BIOVITAL Green Pants:

  • People who sweat a lot
  • People who strive for sports records
  • People who are worried about the growth
  • People who sit on the chair for a long time (for work)
  • People who loves their family