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Fit CoverMe Women's Underwear

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Women's functional panties containing precious serpentine.

The satisfaction rate is 90% for CoverMe and the repurchase rate is 80%.

Introducing High-performance underwear that frees up women's worries, Gemmove Fit CoverMe Women's Underwear.

  • It is made of a stretchy fabric, not a non-woven fabric, so it adheres to the body and is comfortable without lifting.
Both the absorbent pad and waterproof fabric are made of stretchable fabric (Creora yarn).
+ Patented waterproofing (Patent Number 10-0694187).
Breathable polyurethane lining treatment lets air through and blocks moisture. Side waterproofing on the edge of the absorbent pad.
  • Health functionality, containing silver/Precious serpentine
Aerosilver fabric containing silver has its own antibacterial function, which helps in generating harmful bacteria, emitting far-infrared rays (Precious
serpentine), and removing odors.
  • 30 years of traditional craftsmanship. A factory specializing in women's underwear production through underwear experts with more than 30 years of experience and engineers with advanced design/manufacturing facilities
  • Burdenless fit. It is thin and there is no sense of alienation when worn, and it can be worn like regular panties
  • It can absorb up to 3 times more moisture than the specified capacity. Here's a video to see for yourself: click here.

Fabric composition: 80 units Cotton (95 % cotton, polyurethane), aerosilver battery, others

Recommended for:

01 Have a small amount of incontinence during pregnancy or after giving birth.
02 Concerned about the smell due to various female secretions.
03 Inconvenient and cumbersome to use a small panty liner replacement.
04 Concerned about the discharge before and after menstruation.
05 Always anxious because menstruation is irregular.
06 When traveling for a long time, always want to be clean and fresh.
07 Incontinence phenomenon when coughing or sneezing.
08 Want an economical product that can be washed and used repeatedly, not disposable