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Gemmove Fit Insoles - 1 pair

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Reduce Foot Fatigue 34.06%. Relief effect 99.9%.

Stable Design! Excellent Antibacterial and anti-odor effect!

Joint protecting Gemmove Fit Insole. Recommended for:

  • Those with knee/joint discomfort
  • Those with back pain
  • Those with shoulder pain
  • Those with plantar fasciitis
  • Those with hallux valgus

Balanced slope structural design - an appropriate slope. Safety level when walking.

Built-in 16 springs on both sides - for joint comfort.

Far-infrared emission, air fungus suppression, electromagnetic wave and pulse wave blocking effect.

Durable honeycomb pocket - 212 separate pockets - loads about 25 times your body weight disperse.

Archzone - by distributing the pressure joints, ligaments, muscles protection.

Fit for everyday life, when running or jogging, when climbing, for fitness, when playing golf, when exercising, and finally for young people, teenagers. When it's worn by teenagers, it induces correct posture and it has the effect of correcting posture, and proper foot stimulation. It can promote growth and development.