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Ionized Water Sprayer - 300ml

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Multi Ionizer Spray Bottle is a specially designed multi-ion, ECO atomizer that sprays ultra-fine mist. Continuous spraying is possible!

It sprays evenly with 1.5 to 2 times stronger force than a general water sprayers.
It's a ground breaking product with both technical and multi-functional - making spraying a wide range faster and easier.

The nozzle, when spraying, does not drip water!

It's a sprayer that loves the environment and considers health and safety.
It's a sprayer that is effective for styling as it an be sprayed evenly over a wide area.
It is very effective even with car wax refills and glass cleaner refills.

Highly recommended for:
- Households with Gemmove Multi Ionizers (will replace air freshener when using the ionized water)
- Households with plants and flowers (ultra-thin mist will help plants absorb water better)
- Minimalistic households who make their own cleaning solutions (best sprayer that can get the job done when cleaning)
- For keeping babies and kids cool in the summer (cool water inside the sprayer will spray cool ultra-fine mist that's enjoyable)
-For anything else that a water sprayer is used!

Get yours now! A must staple item of a home!