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Jewelry Chair Cushions (Set of 2)

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Energy-emitting Black Jade Gemstones cushion your back for hours

Size: 470mm x 470mm (18.5" x 18.5")

Working from home and using the computer longer than before? Are you zooming many times a day during the pandemic? That can put much more stress and strain on your back. Cushion the pain and discomfort with your set of 2 chair cushions that not only support you, but provide the natural – and stunning-- health benefits of precious serpentine Black Jade, one of the world’s most unique and beneficial gemstones. Other healing materials include amethyst and the black jade stone.

Let the healing, magnetic energy flow! The Gemmove Jewelry Cushions use infrared radiation to stimulate your metabolism, improve blood circulation, support back pain, replenish aura energy, and improve brain function by helping to reduce and scatter harmful electric waves emitted by computers and cell phones.

These cushions are ideal for so many people who are seated for hours, including employees of all kinds now working from home, students, and people who have a long commute to work. This is a great gift for truck drivers, wheelchair users, teachers, writers and editors or as a highly appreciated corporate gift.

You don’t have to take discomfort sitting down. Cushion back pain and help and heal your body with Black Jade Jewelry Chair Cushions. Order yours today!