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Magic Patch for Muscle Pain - 10 stones

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Therapeutic magnetic Gemmove Magic Patch that can relieve Muscle Pain!

When the Gemmove Magic Patch is attached to the painful area, the magnetic force penetrates and helps relieve muscle pain. How much magnetic force? 600 Gauss for permanent magnet effect!

Stretchy 4-way spandex fabric patch! Easy and strong attachment to curved parts! No itchiness, no sweat, does not fall easily even on curved areas!

The stone is the Gemma Korea serpentine jade that emits far-infrared ray! 3 times more qi than common jade. It's a mysterious gem that has been proven to have 99.5% antibacterial effect and strong far-infrared radiation. It's internationally recognized excellent gem mineral that is only excavated from Gongju, Korea.

Recommended to wear it for 2 or 3 days or until the pain goes away.

Get yours now! Must have medicine pantry patch.