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Multi-Ionizer for Agriculture

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For high-quality, ionized-water, we mean business!

Using the innovative, specialized, Gemmove Multi-Ionizer is smart and healthy business. Manufactured by Gemmove in Korea and used around the world, this is a unique way to create ionized water – the highest-quality, most-healthful water you can use for your business.

Water pressure(10kgf-20kgf)

For businesses: There are so many great uses for your business, including use for your rootless, hydroponic plants. It goes wherever water flows and is ideal for restaurants, car washes, beauty salons/ public restrooms/ schools/ bakeries and other businesses that have high water consumption.

Agricultural use: Greenhouse-Eco-friendly for various crop farms such as strawberry, cucumber, melon, and tomato farms. It can be used to nurture your hydroponic plants.

Animal Husbandry: The Gemmove Multi-ionizer not only ionizes water and gets rid of harmful anions; it can cut down on water usage and save money. Can be used for livestock breeding and bathing, breeding in poultry farms (duck, chicken, quail), pigs and cattle.


Lifetime use without consumables. No maintenance costs such as filter replacement. Anyone can install and remove it in minutes. This is not a medical device.