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Multi-Ionizer for Washing Machine

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Ionize water for your health. Clean clothes with 1/3rd the detergent.

It’s a South Korean No. 1 Household essential. Can you imagine doing your laundry with 1/3rd the laundry soap? That could mean big money savings over the course of a year, but saving money is not the most important benefit of the Gemmove Multi-Ionizer for Washing Machines. It’s cleaning your clothes and protecting your family with healthier, ionized water. The Ionizer is a new ionization tool that reduces the penetration of negative ions in your body through the use of terahertz rocks. The higher the water pressure and the temperature, the better for ionization.

This product is highly recommended for:

  1. Washing laundry without using much detergent. Only 1/3 of detergent needed. You can even avoid it altogether.
  2. Minimized washing time and lowered electricity and water usage costs.
  3. Excellent on baby clothing, helps kill bacteria.
  4. Gets rid of smell on clothing.