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GemMove Ling Boost Moro Orange

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12g x 30 packets / Total 360g / 1,410kcal - One packet a day!

Gemmove Ling BoostMoro Orange Hydration management solution for a lively day!

Contains Moro Orange Extract

Drinking habits-healthy habits-A delicious glass of water with a refreshing grapefruit flavor

Moro Orange, Rich in Nutrition - The flesh is rich in anthocyanins and is dark red in color. ‘Moro’ means dark brown in Italian.

+ Anthocyanin

+ Flavonoids

+ Beta-carotene

+Vitamin C

+ Synephrine

+ Hesperidin

Antioxidant anthocyanin 8.9 times higher than other varieties. Contains a large amount of anthocyanin core ingredient C-3-G (cyanidin 3 glucoside)

100% made in Sicily. Moro Blood Orange Grown in Sicily, Italy.

Fast and easy! Moisture recharge! Fast absorption using electrolytes and osmotic pressure phenomenon

+ Harmonious ratio of glucose and sodium

+ Effective moisture & energy recharge at the same time

Energy + vitamins packed in one packet for quick and reliable energy charging

  • L-arginine
  • taurine
  • glucose

Contains arginine

One pack (12g) of Ring Boost is 8 times that of eel! (Same weight = based on 10g eel)

It is a type of 'amino acid' that makes up protein. It has the physiological effect of promoting the secretion of growth hormone and strengthening immune function. It plays an important role in our body's metabolism and is a semi-essential amino acid required for the growth of children.(*This has nothing to do with the product. This is a description of one raw material)

Contains taurine

30 times the weight of squid per packet (12g) of Ring Boost! (Same weight = based on 10g of squid)

1,350 mg 100g octopus, 573 mg 100g squid = Ring Boost 1 packet (12g)

It is known as a main ingredient as a nourishing tonic and fatigue recovery agent, which relieves the burden on the liver, regulates fatty tissue, plays a role in suppressing obesity, and has a preventive effect on various vascular diseases. (*This is a description of raw materials unrelated to the product)

Contains vitamin C

500 times more than an apple per packet (12g) of Ringboost! (Same weight = based on 10g of apples)

100g of 10 mg apples, 100g of 30mg tangerine = 1 packet of 500mg Ring Boost (12g)

It is one of the vitamins contained in all fruits and vegetables and has antioxidant properties as a powerful reducing agent. Vitamin C is a co-enzyme of collagen synthesis enzyme and various enzymes involved in the energy metabolism process of living things. Since humans do not have vitamin C synthesis enzyme, it must be consumed through food. It is a type of essential vitamin (*This is a description of raw materials unrelated to the product)

Contains glucose

Recharge without worrying about blood sugar! Unlike caffeine, which has a temporary stimulating effect Glucose is used as the brain's main energy source. It is an essential ingredient for smooth body function and activity. (*This is a description of raw materials unrelated to the product)

Caffeine-free for everyone to enjoy! No worries about caffeine! Even children can drink it without worry!

Drink with confidence! HACCP certified!

How much water do you drink a day? WHO recommended daily water intake as 2,000ml. But Korean women daily water intake is 860ml and men’s is 1,000ml. What if our body lacks moisture? The discomfort you experience in your daily life may be caused by chronic dehydration.

  • Causes drowsiness/fatigue. Human body functions may deteriorate, causing chronic fatigue.
  • Causes headache/dizziness You may feel headache due to decreased blood volume and lowered blood pressure.
  • Causes skin diseases. Skin may become dry and cause problems such as ringworm and acne.
  • Due to lack of moisture in the body, no sweating occurs even when exercising.

① This information is not about the product, but general health information about lack of moisture.

Ring Boost is needed at this moment!

I recommend it to these people:

  • Dry moment
  • During/ after exercise
  • Before/After drinking
  • Office workers who frequently work overtime
  • People who consume water through coffee or beverages
  • People who do not drink water on a regular basis
  • Elderly people for whom hydration is important
  • Students studying until late at night
  • People who are not good at drinking regular bottled water