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Gemmove Queen Gold 3 Piece Set

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'Queen's world unfolds for your beautiful skin'

Gemmove Queen Gold 3 Piece Set includes:

Magic Peeling II
Recovery serum
Intensive Cream [Whitening and wrinkle improvement Functional cosmetics]

Cell Fusion cosmetics made of cell membrane components that vividly fuse with the skin. Removes toxins (Detox) and reinforces vitality energy. 'It calms tired, damaged, saggy skin and helps regeneration.'

It is an eco-friendly cosmetic product that uses plant-based natural ingredients with excellent biodegradability.

Ingredients of Fermented and aged grains are rich in vitamins and minerals to strengthen the skin's immunity. It nourishes, suppresses troubles, and especially removes unnecessary wastes from the skin. It is a very useful ingredient for the skin, such as providing various nutrients.

Gemmove Queen Natural Cosmetics are eco-friendly cosmetics using natural plant ingredients with excellent biodegradation ability under the premise that fresh ingredients from nature must be in the best condition for us humans, who are a part of nature.

Queen Gold 3-piece set specially formulated for whitening and wrinkle improvement. 3 types:

  • Plant stem cell activators, grain extracts, and various vegetable ingredients sufficiently soothe the skin, relieve fatigue and stiffness, and help restore elasticity.
  • Nutrient-rich vegetable oils make dry and rough skin smooth and fresh, and quickly soothe damaged skin to make it shiny and lively.
  • Various bio-components and bio-transformable ingredients revitalize the skin, improve wrinkles, and make the skin clear, transparent, elastic, and shiny.